Every one of us have felt the overwhelming force of circumstances.   It is the like the  force felt when you are standing in the ocean and a mountainous wave crashes over you unexpectedly!  The power in this wave can knock you off your feet in an instant!

You are immediately overwhelmed with fear and panic!

In contrast, have you experienced the all encompassing wave of God’s power when His love and presence have washed over you?   A divine presence that is so overwhelming it knocks you off your feet and to your knees!   You are engulfed by a power so strong there are no words to speak.  These are the moments when you can only stand or lay back totally captivated and carried by His power!

You are immediately overwhelmed with faith and peace!

I would rather allow myself to be overwhelmed by a supernatural “wave” of God’s presence than allow myself to be overwhelmed by the destructive “waves” of life circumstances!  There is no question…..the waves of life roll in and out everyday!  You and I make the choice how we will ride these waves!  We can ride with fear and panic or faith and peace.

The words to the song posted sing out He is calling us beyond the shore of what is familiar and safe.  This will require a brave spirit that is strong, courageous and willing to believe……

HE makes us BRAVE! This is the encouragement the Holy Spirit has been speaking to me during weak and weary moments.  Hebrews 10:34 echoes from my heart to you….“For you have need of steadfast patience and endurance, so that you may perform and fully accomplish the will of God, and thus receive and carry away (and enjoy to the full) what is promised!”

Be Encouraged…..With Love,

Doris Fuson


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